Hi, I'm Peter and I make Software!

For the longer part of a decade I have been working as a software developer in my free time. These are some Apps that I produced during that period.

Bim Bim

Bim Bim is a small App usefull to all people who use public transportation in and around Linz. It displays the current departure times for bus and tramway stops. The data comes directly from the local operator, "Linz AG Linien".
Initially the App started out as a Web-App but soon a native iPhone App was developed. With version 2.0 an Android App was also launched.
Today, Bim Bim is used by 500 or more users every day to check when their bus departs next.


With C2ALC you can calculate you current Blood Alcohol Contents after a few drinks to better understand the effect of alcohol on your body.

The BAC is estimated based on your gender, weight, height and age and also takes into account how long ago you drank alcoholic beverages.

When turned landscape C2ALC presents to you a graph of your BAC based on time. Additionally the informs you of the typical effects of your current alcohol level and tells you when you are sober again.


ChapterMarker is a Mac Application developed for podcasters who want to integrate chapters into their audio (or video) podcasts. Markers are created in real time during the recording and can then be exported with their asociated timestamp to various formats, e. g. for upload to Auphonic


Ever wanted to know what something costs with taxes? Or ever wanted to know what the price without VAT is? Well, then this is the App for you. Simply enter the price with or without tax and see the results in real time, while you are typing.


  • 4 preset taxes for Germany and Austria. More will follow!
  • Easily add new taxes or delete presets
  • See results in realtime
  • Clean and simple UI

About Me

My name is Peter Kraml and I'm a developer from Traun, Austria. I attented the high school for communication and media design in Linz from 2009 to 2014 and started coding even before then back in 2008.



Am Vogeltenn 1
4050 Traun
Austria (not Australia)